05 May, 2008

Malcolm's Revenge soon fully supported

A month ago we announced support for Hand of Fate by ScummVM, and now I am nearly finished with Malcolm's Revenge support. I implemented the GUI of the game today, so all what is missing is support for Malcolm's family album, which is pretty worthless in the game. It is just there as a thing you can look at, if you got no clue what to do and want to have some fun. Sadly support for it will be not as easy as I hoped. It uses quite ugly (namely fully hardcoded...) ways of handling animations etc. I hope I will come around to implement it this weekend. After it the game is fully supported, which is quite nice since then all Kyrandia games are supported by ScummVM. Oh well just half the truth, Legend of Kyrandia Amiga is still not supported, but well... maybe I will get fonts and palettes working correctly there one day.

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