11 May, 2008

Malcolm's Revenge supported as of today

Wee! I implemented the album and helium mode of Malcolm's Revenge today, thus Malcolm's Revenge is fully supported now by ScummVM. So I added a news item and a forum post today. I hope this time there will be some people reporting bugs and submitting screenshots. Last time, when Hand of Fate was announced, sadly just a few people reported bugs, and those even reported them before I announced support for Hand of Fate, but maybe I should be happy and take it as there were not much bugs :-).

Funnily as Eugene pointed out in IRC, he wrote a blog entry about Kyrandia yesterday. Another funny thing is that olhoh still did not catch up any of my Malcolm's Revenge related commits as of today. There is only one commit shown up there related to Malcolm's Revenge, but that one was not related to any real work on it.

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