30 November, 2008

Kyrandia MIDI support

It's been some while since the last post on this blog, but there was nothing interesting I did on ScummVM in the meantime. Now I finally finished XMIDI support for the KYRA engine. The PC DOS version of Kyrandia should be supported with every major music output. Of course PC Speaker is still missing, but since nobody complained about missing support for it yet I guess it's rather ultra low priority :-). The MIDI output itself might have some minor glitches, but those seem to be timing related, since they don't happen every time and there are no valgrind warnings about anything related either. It might even be caused by the ScummVM XMIDI parser, which overwrites timing related meta events, to play at a fixed tempo, as far as I get it at least. Maybe I can fix it in the near future, but it should be fine now never the less. I hope there are some people out there, who will test it and give feedback about it :-).

It seems clone2727 can't joke about me not doing any serious coding anymore!

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clone2727 said...

Must you ruin all the fun? :P